I'm here to support you through your cataclysmic birth journey.

My name is Michelle and I’m a Doula and Birth Photographer, passionate about supporting, educating and guiding people through a wholistic birth experience and entire birth journey, regaining their control during the most intimate and soul changing experience of their lives.
Pregnancy, birth and post partum are intrinsic elements that create the whole birth journey. This journey is one that is deeply entrenched in systemic control. Each birthing person has the innate power to birth their baby as nature biologically and physiologically intended…full of primal wonderment, love, strength, sensuality and power.
In many cases, systems have disempowered birthing people, obstetric violence and the cascade of intervention are issues we need to be aware of because no matter where we choose to birth our babies we must understand that we have the right to autonomy, choice and safety. We must know how to navigate the system to protect our mind, body and spirit…and that of our baby and loved ones.
How we birth matters. How we’re treated while birthing matters and has an effect long after the moment baby arrives. Birth is beautiful and we must bring it back to us.
My Doula & Birth Photography bookings are open and while I service Brisbane/Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, I am open to travelling. I also offer 1:1 Digital Doula Support sessions via Skype.