Dynamo Doula

Bringing Birth Back To You

Each pregnancy, birth and postpartum are unique and need personalised care to ensure your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing are nurtured and mindfully balanced.

When this is done, birth is reclaimed as a powerful, transformative experience.

My name is Michelle Palasia and I am a birth keeper. I’m also a Grandmother, Mother, Mother-in-law, Step-Mother, Daughter, Grand-daughter, Sister, Aunty, Woman.

I’m all of those titles but the following best describe me:

  • an empath
  • I feel energy
  • a fierce advocate for birth and human rights
  • an animal lover
  • in tune with my body, listening to it and giving it what it needs
  • a creative, with a juicy love of earthy tones and dusty pink

Birth is a journey that encompasses pregnancy, birth and postpartum…all 3 create your birth experience. Preparation is key. I believe that we’re given the time during pregnancy to prepare…as long as we’re mindful throughout and complacency is thrown out the window.

Our intuition is a vital tool to tap in to during pregnancy. If you don’t already tap in, you will need this tool to navigate your pregnancy as your birth approaches. We will chat more about that during prenatal meetings. During your pregnancy you’ll have access to referenced and researched, holistic and wellness resources. Looking at everything from within. Looking at you from a cellular level. Because that’s where it all begins. I’ll teach and empower you and your partner to advocate for your birth. I’ll guide and encourage you to ask the right questions so that you can make informed choices for your birth.

My birth support will be everything you and your partner need it to be…and so much more than a hip squeeze! Birth is not scary…but you may feel that way and that’s ok. However you’re feeling, we’ll work through it together…consciously and mindfully, without a bandaid in sight. We’ll get to the core of your fears and face them head on.

Post Partum is sometimes reverred as a dirty word but it doesn’t need to be…again, we need to be mindful and prepared. My postpartum care is not your “cut and paste” model of care. Every postpartum is different for everyone and it is different everytime it’s experienced. How can we plan for your postpartum when you haven’t lived it yet?

This is why your postpartum care will be personalised and structured just for you, bringing you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

You’ll have productive tools and resources, that will get to the core and serve your mind, body and spirit…creating collective solutions to challenges laid bare in front of you. Your postpartum is as personal and unique as you and your birth…and your care needs to be curated as such.

I am a birth photographer and now also a Dynamo Doula offering full Doula services (prenatal, birth and postpartum) and also stand alone postpartum care. As I’ve trained with Angela Gallo, under her Dynamo Doula training, my ethics around birth have been nurtured and my fiery passion engulfed even more.

If you’re looking for the kind of support and guidance I can give you, contact me below and let’s meet! It’s never too early or too late to organise your birth support.

Just Some of the Special Inclusions

your complete birth journey documented

Your birth journey encompasses prenatal, birth and postpartum. As an experienced documentary and birth photographer, you have the option to add your birth journey, captured in images, to your package. Maternity, Birth and Newborn/New Family photos captured to tell your complete birth story. I’m excited and honoured to offer this.


You’ll learn all about the essential benefits of babywearing. Prenatally, you’ll be able to try a ring sling, stretchy wras and carrier in your own home so that you can choose which piece best suits you and your partner. You’ll learn how to use each piece and practice wearing your baby before they arrive so that you can put into place a practical tool that will enhance your connection to your baby, improve breast milk supply and create an overall calm environment for you and your baby. This is an underrated tool with massive benefits. You will also have special access to babywearing expert Brooke Maree Baby Wearing educational video series.

Breastfeeding Michelle Palasia Photography
breastfeeding support

Your breastfeeding preparation and journey begins while you’re pregnant. Breastfeeding takes time, practice, knowledge and support. The benefits of breastfeeding are extensive not only for baby but for you, your partner and your postpartum experience. With access to breastfeeding expert Amberley Harris of Maternal Instincts by Amberley, you’ll have the best headstart and continued support on your breastfeeding journey.