Post Partum Doula Support

Personalised Post Partum Care and Support

My primary role as your Post Partum Doula is to give you the time, space and support to fall in love with, and feed your baby.

  • You will be loved up.
  • You will be supported.
  • You will be listened to.
  • You will be fed and hydrated with nourishing food and fluids.
  • You will feel the sunshine on your skin.
  • You will feel laughter fill your soul.
  • You will given the time to take a long hot shower or bath while I hold and care for your baby. I’ll bring special extras to make this time relaxing for you.

We will debrief and gain a deeper understanding of your birth story.

I’ll give you hands on guidance with babywearing and can bring along 3 different pieces for you to try, if you aren’t already babywearing. We’ll chat about understanding baby’s cues and I can help with any breastfeeding concerns you may have. I’ll do some light freshening up and organisation of your home. Older children and pets (if you have any) will be loved up while you rest.

We’ll come up with an easy to follow, practical care plan which will be laid out on a small white board as a simple, daily visual reminder for you.

You’ll also have access to me via phone, text or email.

Packages start at 3 visits with the option to add additional visits. Alternatively, we can create a personalised package to suit your needs.

In home documentary style New Family photography is also available. I love capturing this photography as it is a real glimpse in to your Post Partum bubble through my eyes…and it’s truly beautiful.

I’m currently servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas and always happy to travel. If you live outside these areas, please still get in touch.

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Special Optional Inclusions

New Family photos

You’ll have the option to have documentary style photos of you and your new family, soaking up the love in your Post Partum bubble captured. These images will create a story of the beginning of your new life together. A beautiful way to have real, authentic, raw images captured. These images will also act as natural Oxytocin inducer, filling you and your loved ones with all the good feels and a stronger, loving bond.


You’ll learn all about the essential benefits of babywearing and be able to try a ring sling, stretchy wrap and carrier in your own home so that you can choose which piece best suits you and your partner. This is a practical tool that will enhance your connection to your baby, improve breast milk supply and create an overall calm environment for you and your baby. This is an underrated tool with massive benefits. You’ll also have the option to gain special access to babywearing expert Brooke Maree Baby Wearing educational video series.

Breastfeeding Michelle Palasia Photography
breastfeeding support
I’ll give you guidance and support on your Breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding takes time, practice, knowledge and support. The benefits of breastfeeding are extensive not only for baby but for you, your partner and your postpartum experience. You’ll also have the option to access breastfeeding expert Amberley Harris of Maternal Instincts by Amberley, educational video series.