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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available for all of my packages. A deposit is required to secure your booking and then payment plans can be set up with no hidden or additional costs. Payment plans are especially beneficial for the Birth Packages which may seem out of reach for many people but when regular payments are made, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can have your package paid in full.

What if I don't live locally but really want to shoot with you?

I am totally up for travelling! Whether it’s interstate or international, I am open to travel to you for a shoot. An additional travel fee will need to be added depending on travel costs to cover fuel, flights, accommodation etc. but this will be kept as minimal as possible.

I want to have my birth documented but my husband/partner is not keen on having a stranger in the room. How can I convince him to agree to it?

Firstly, I don’t want to convince anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing but I will say that this is a VERY common question/comment from expectant Mummas making birth photography enquiries. I’m an open book and no question is off limits for me. This is one of the reasons I meet in person with my birth photography clients prior to booking and why it’s ideal to have both parents at this meeting. It gives us all a chance to ask questions, get comfortable with each other and ultimately decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

What should I wear to my shoot?

Documentary style is how I shoot. This means capturing you and your family as natural as possible. This also means you’re free to wear what you would normally wear on any given day. I don’t believe in giving you a list of what not to wear i.e. no graphics or bright prints…if this is what you would normally wear then it defeats the purpose of documentary style photography to then tell you not to wear it. Be free! Wear the bright prints and eye bending graphics!

I'm 30+ weeks pregnant, have I left it too late to book birth photography?

Not at all! It’s never too late to book. Get in contact and let’s meet up…like, now.

I don't have any lingerie to wear to my Boudoir shoot, should I hit up Bras'n'Things?

If you want to buy some new lingerie for your Boudoir shoot, go for it BUT please don’t go spending a lot of money on lingerie that you ultimately may not feel comfortable in because it will show in your photos. Boudoir doesn’t mean you have to wear sexy lingerie. If it’s not something you normally wear, I would say, don’t buy it. Wear what you feel comfortable in….and remember, less is definetely more 😉

I'd prefer not to shoot in my own home, are you able to source an aesthetically gorgeous location....that we can just pretend is ours?

Yes! I absolutely LOVE scouting shoot locations and it’s very common for people to want to have their family shoot somewhere other than their own home.

Nothing fits or looks nice over my baby belly...what can I wear to my Belly shoot?

Don’t stress! I have a collection of vintage kimonos and robes available for your shoot. These look really gorgeous draped over underwear.

Do you offer a discount for bespoke packages?

Yes! I can put together a bespoke package with a few different session styles e.g. Belly, Birth & Baby at a discounted package price.

Michelle Palasia Photography