Birth Photography

Birth Photography

I’m a Birth Photographer and, just like in any profession, not all birth photographers are the same or work under the same values.

I feel energy. I pick up on energy. I’m highly sensitive and an empath. I become emotionally invested in every one of my clients…in such a vulnerable space, how can you not?

I will advocate for you because, quite frankly, I’d find it inhumane and unethical for anyone not to.

I will witness you transforming from Maiden to Mother and that’s something I don’t take lightly. It’s magical, primal and ethereal all rolled in to one and yours is like no other.

I’m mindful of the energy I bring in to your space and do the work to leave my shit at the door before entering.

I invest my time and energy into knowing how to navigate your birth space.

I’ll keep an eye on your partner and acknowledge their existence because they’re right there with you.

I know how to conserve my energy so that I can keep up with you, no matter how long that is.

I will cry at your birth and if I ever stop crying at births, I’ll put my camera away for good.

I’ll piece together your birth story which will be your most powerful, therapeutic tool during post partum.

I’ll check in with you after your birth. It’s not on my to do list, it’s something I do because you’ve been on my mind and I care.

You are not just a birth photography client on the conveyor belt of a system. You are not just a number notched on my birth count belt. You matter and so does your birth.

I’m more than just a Birth Photographer.

I’ll be on call for you, from 38 weeks up until the birth of your baby.

I’ll document your birth story with images that piece everything together for you and your family. Pieces that will be missing. Pieces that are foggy. Pieces that are crucial to process your birth during post partum.

I’ll stay for awhile after baby arrives because once baby arrives your new life begins and that needs to be documented too.

I’ll deliver a handful of images to you within 24 hours because I know the excitement of wanting to see the images…I’ll be living that too. And because I understand that seeing your birth story can induce oxytocin and therefore aide in connection, bonding and breastfeeding, I’ll aim to have your complete birth story delivered to you as soon as I’m able.

“I love that you captured moments that I would have missed forever! My favourite one being my Mum’s face when baby came out. I got quite emotional looking at the photos and I’m so very grateful you took them. Thank you very, very much!” – Nicolle McInnes

Investment: from $1950

– 20% deposit required to confirm booking

– Travel expenses may be additional if outside the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast areas, please enquire when booking

– Payment plans are available